UCM Core Competency
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Understanding Risk

Understanding risk is a pillar to having billions of flows per year in credit. Understanding risk includes modeling cashflows, appraising collateral, forecasting performance, predicting behaviors of the servicers and monitoring government policy.

It’s this ability to research, model and measure that has given UCM the confidence to make buys as principal. Understanding risk and buying as principal go hand in hand.

UCM is an expert at measuring things. One of the things that connects UCM with our trading counterparties is that we have a history of looking at things from many angles. Our commitment to observing data and building forecasting tools is key to enhancing the work already being done by our trading partners.

Since UCM buys first loss tranches, we spend countless hours understanding and refining assumptions.

We believe that flows and sentiment can be more powerful than the fundamentals. We make an effort to anticipate changes in flows and sentiment and advise our counterparties of these views.

Providing Liquidity

UCM gives liquidity to a wide range of counterparties that sell subordinate, mezzanine or distressed senior bonds in structured finance. When asked, UCM stands to attention quickly and takes pride in providing bid levels.

UCM gives risk assessments, evaluations, market comps and ultimately liquidity to customers and dealers that need to sell. Customer service wins flows.

We are drawn to areas where there is a lack of liquidity caused by bad structuring, poor collateral performance, no cashflow modeling, downgrades, rapidly collapsing prices, forced selling or margin calls.

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